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The Full Story


 I'm Andrea Salazar, Owner and Master Artist of Haus of Dreams specializing in the Art of the human face. A Tucson born native, I fell in love with the Art of Makeup in my youth years to discover that it was beyond that. My passion runs so deep for my talents as an Artist that with each passing year I have realized it is not a career, it is my destiny and it fuels my soul in a way that keeps pushing my limits to continue to be the best in my caliber of artistry to continue to provide elite services for every single one of my Dream Clients.


Throughout the years of my career, I discovered that I wanted so much more because I truly loved glamming woman for their Wedding Days and every other event that I was asked to be a part of. With the growth and demand of my services and dates being limited, and limitations of arrival times at Venues, Haus of Dreams came to fruition and the expansion of the Artistry Team began. Welcome to the journey with Haus of Dreams!





The creation of beauty is Art, and the human face is our Canvas. We as your Artists believe in enhancing your natural features and bringing out the most beautiful version of yourself. You see, the moment you sit in our chair, we already see what was there all along. We can hardly wait to meet and glam you and show you the reveal! 


We at Haus of Dreams care about making your Wedding Glam experience the best possible experience for not only you, but for every single important person who will be a part of your day. We pride ourselves in creating the perfect ambiance, executing the Perfect Look, and going above and beyond what you could ever hope for being the start of your journey as a Wife. That is why we make every effort to create the perfect setting from start to finish. We have designed Collections to fit every Bride's need. We guarantee it will be a day to remember and talked about through the years to come. 

XO ,

-the Dreamers

of Haus of Dreams  

We truly look forward to glamming you and bring your Bridal Vision to life. Please email our Booking Concierge to book your date with us!

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